• laContrie x BYMARIE

    laContrie x BYMARIE

    Each client, each boutique come in our workshop to customize their model according to their tastes.

    Our collaboration is the result of a meeting, a mix of two universes.

    laContrie created a feminine and colorful collection in exclusivity for BYMARIE.

    For the first time, the Rohan with rope will be shaped and lined in kidskin. It will be smooth and proposed in ten colors.

    Clients will have the possibility to create their bag in Marseille and Paris according to color charts :

    - size S, mini or belt,
    - interior leather,
    - exterior leather,
    - hardwares,
    - length and width of the strap,
    - cord.

    Our workshop will be in the following BY MARIE boutiques for pop up to take orders and accompany clients in their selection :

    - from Monday to Friday, 10:30am to 7pm : 8 avenue George V 75008 Paris

    - 1st and 2nd of December 2017 : 108 rue Paradis 13006 Marseille