• Air France Magazine, octobre 2012

    Air France Magazine, octobre 2012

    In private with... Edwina de Charette

    “On vacation do you prefer the mountains, the beach or the city ?
    Beach and city : the first for relaxation, the second for museums and shops.

    Three words you associate with travel ?
    Discovery, scents, encounters.

    Where have you never been but would like to go ?

    Your favorite hotel ?
    Fundoo Lagoon on Pemba island in Zanzibar.

    Your favorite museum ?
    The Grand Palais.

    The best restaurant in the world ?
    Da Michele in Naples, no fuss, no frills, just two pizzas, one margherita, the other marinara; that’s it.

    What private place would you like opened specially for you ?
    The Tropical Island Paradise yacht, once it’s constructed.

    A romantic getaway ?
    An igloo hotel in Kakslauttanen, Finland.

    A book for the trip ?
    Jules Verne for an escape, or Seneca for reflection.

    The biggest change of scenery ?
    Cuba, with its colours and its cars.”

    by Pierre Cauchois