• openthemagazine.com, 9 juin 2012

    openthemagazine.com, 9 juin 2012

    “Like the tourists queuing on the Champs Elysees, Edwina de Charette loves handbags. But, like many fashion-conscious Parisians, she no longer felt the beautiful but readily available bags selling in the luxury ‘mass market’ could offer her the kind of chic her mother and grandmother had brought her up on: bags that were unusual, custom-made and, thus, truly original. Last year, she started a small leather goods business. Her boutique, laContrie, on a side street just off the rue Saint Honoré in Paris, offers beautifully crafted bags made on the premises by artisans trained in the same Parisian school that Hermes recruits most of its workers from. Much of the leather used comes from the same supplier as Hermes’ as well, and clients can browse the boutique’s basement workshop, choosing from a multicoloured array of traditional and exotic leathers, letting their imagination run wild. “I love it when clients go for whacky colours,” says Edwina, “after all, why have a bag made to order if it looks like everybody else’s?”

    by Samantha de Bendern